Poor End To A Fantastic day


When we came back from our ride at Nant Yr Arian dad went to load his bike on top of the car to find some scum bag ( his words were very similar to that ) had stolen the front wheel clamp off his Thule 591 bike rack and also the end cap that is supposed to stop it coming off, luckily we had zip ties in the car and could fix the front wheel to stop it flopping around.

To add insult to injury when he looked around the net for a replacement it came to a grand total of £25, so he thought he would message Thule about what had happened and kindly a fella called Patrick said he would send us another as a gesture of good will hope it comes before the weekend as we are off riding again.

Hopefully to stop this happening again dad has glued and pinned the end stops so the wheel clamp can’t just be pulled off.




Author: andrewcartwright123

I'm a fly fishing Guide, guiding In all areas of south, mid and north Wales we cover all... areas, I'm also a registered and licensed fly and registered casting instructor so can help you out with any of you casting problems.

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