Not A Bad Season


Well after a long 2018 season, which was a big learning curve I finally came away way with a 3rd in Welsh Champs and 3rd overall in the Gravity Events DH Series.

Moving up to the youth catorgrie next season so hope for a good chilled season.


Flying Solo


I would just like to say a huge thanks to @caersws_dh_bikepark for the past season. Decided to go solo for next season and just chill cheers malc for all the help.

Hopefully I will get loads of help and advise from others as well, be nice to chill and have a laugh with the boys in the 2019 race season.

Well That Was A Tough One

Last round of Gravity Event DH Series at Rheola south Wales, we got there on Friday and the weather was quite good but by the time Saturday arrived it was rain and more rain so it was time to get the waterproofs out and give the track a few slow runs to see what it’s like and it was very wet and slippery, roots and rocks everywhere also one of the longest tracks I have ever ridden.FB_IMG_1536695067990

After two runs I felt a little more confident on the bike and started pushing a bit harder and things felt good even in all the rain, I had to stop on one of the fire roads for a break this track is really physically demanding, after a few seconds I carried on down the track my main problem was a section called Star Wars rocks, roots and ruts every where I stopped a couple of times to look and see if I could find the best line through this section.


Down at the bottom of a track one of the local riders told be the best line to go through Star Wars which was straight through the middle, I had already been using this line but it was a hard ish line to take so back up to the top and practise practise and more practise, it was really frustrating as I would get it right and then the next run it would all go wrong, it was getting late in the day and I was getting frustrated and dad said call it a day, but no one more go, think I should have listened as over the bars I went and grazed all my shoulder and it really hurt, mid nearly every muscle in my body was hurting.


I couldn’t stop thinking of how hard it was to get through Star Wars clean and mom said I was even talking about it in my sleep !

Sunday dawned and yes it was still raining, I kited up and had two practise runs one was clean and the other not so good but there was nothing I could do know as it was time for race runs, two things kept going on in my mind Star Wars and I still hadn’t done a full run, it was time to get on the uplift and head up to the top for first race runs.


As I started of the start line my heart was in my mouth, the run was going well and here comes Star  Wars it was going well and then the bike stopped dead I nearly went over the bars but saved it and kept going my feet didn’t even come off the pedals, as I got near the bottom of the track I caught up a slower rider but he didn’t really slow me down and my body was aching so much I wouldn’t have even wanted a re run, I was  really pleased to get to the bottom, but then a red flag had come out and the race was stopped I then heard it was Toby and he had come off really badly and had to be rushed to hospital, really hope you get better soon dude, It was a super hard track and after Toby’s accident I didn’t want to do my second run so I handed my transponder in and called it a day.

But I was really pleased when the race finished as I had come third in welsh Champs and also 3rd overall in Juvinile for the season, so not to bad.



Pearce Cycles Up Lift Hopton


Cracking day at Pearce Cycles up lift at Hopton Woods, weather was dry and warm and the track was running sweet, dad had been playing with the suspension trying to get it spot on for me ready for the up and coming Rheola race next weekend and all seemed good.


Dad had put a new Conti Der Kaiser on the rear to make sure it was fully seated and ready to go for the weekend so fingers crossed we are all sorted and get a good result at Rheola.

Gravity Caersws DH Race



What a weekend at Gravity Events Caersws DH weather was mixed with cloud and occasional rain, the track looked mint bar for the grass off camber corner just before the finish line, looking at it your race run could be won or lost on this corner.

On Saturday I think I did around 12 runs but didn’t really realise that there was live timing if you did full runs and it also gave you your start position on Sunday race runs, I only did 3 full runs to the finish line so I hadn’t got to do the horrible push back to the up lift tractors, I did think on Sunday morning I would try to do some better runs but on the first run to the bottom the timing wasn’t on so I did another two runs but cut off short into the quarry to save pushing back up the hill.


First race runs started at 12.15 and I was 4th man down I had an ok run coming in with a 2.07.99 which put me in 4th and around a second of 3rd so I thought I would have to push on my second run and see if I could go faster, second race runs started at 2.15 while we waited at the start area there was a delay, little did I know but my mate Rhys had lost his front end and gone down hard and banged himself  up big time and had a lot of attention off the ambulance first aiders, so we had to wait around three quarters of an hour until the ambulance was back on station.

Second race runs began as I left the line I was buzzing giving it my all, I had two near misses and nearly lost the front end going up round the bus stop after the table top which had most probably lost me a couple of seconds, but the rest of the run was ok and I beat my first race run time but only by a fraction I got a 2.07.78 which put me into 5th place, but I had a great weekend with no major problems so was quite pleased.

I would also like to thank Lucie Byrne for the fantastic pictures.

Got On The Main Train


Dan & Harry

Went to Revs on Sunday the tracks were quite wet and slippery and on my first run a big piece of slab rock caught me out and down I went, I think Glyn thought it was quite funny as my crash went on for  long time before I finally came off.

As we queued up for the next uplift Harry Main was in the que in front of us and Glyn said “Harry a big fan of yours is standing behind you” so we got chatting on the up lift and rode down the track together with Glyn and Harry’s friend Alex, I think I did around 5-6 run with him and we had a good laugh, fair play Harry is a real nice guy and really into his DH riding.


Pearce Bucknell 2018



What a weekend at Pearce Cycles Bucknell DH race, Saturday dawned hot and bright and the track was bone dry, very loose and dusty, the uplift started at 9.30am so I had some breakfast and got my kit on and headed over to the uplift and boy was it hot in the Landrover as we headed to the top of the hill.


First run down was quite interesting with next to no grip as you entered a corner it seemed as if you couldn’t slow down, so dad let some air out of the tyres  to see if that would improve things, it did seem a little better but not fantastic but the more riders that came down the better the tracks seemed, on Saturday I think I had around ten practise runs and called it a day as it was so hot.



Practise on Sunday started early at 8.30am I thought I would do two or three runs and keep cool for the race runs, on my last run just before the end Marc Beaumont caught me up and passed me on the second to last corner, nice to follow him for a couple of corners.


First race run started and off I went it was good run with a few slips and slides but no major problems and I was sitting in fourth for quite a while, but by the time all the others had come down I was 14th out of 29 so I was quite pleased and thought I would push harder on the second run, when the second run came round I was really pumped and wanted to get going, in the top section I thought I was going really well I had been talking to Joe and he told me about a line that people had been doing after the big sky jump, I tried it and it worked well possibly not the best idea to change lines  on a race run but it worked, as I headed into the trees/roots section my tyre washed out and I went down in a cloud of dust, I got back on as fast as I can and carried on down I thought I had blown it big time, it had pushed me back another two places but not as bad as I thought it might be.