A Foggy Day At Antur


Great day at Antur Stiniog with James and Richard weather was a little foggy, well a lot foggy to be honest, we got there by 9.30am and the up lifts started promptly at 10am, Richard and James were running late so I went up on my own and came down the blue while I was waiting, normally when I have ridden a blue route at a trail centre they are very easy, well they aren’t here quite a lot of rock and I also found it a little confusing as the tracks mingled into one and another in the fog, but down to the bottom and the others had turned up so it was straight back on the truck back to the top, this time we did a red route which is a bit harder again to the blue route more rock and bigger drops.


After doing the red run it was time for what I had come to practise the Black Powder run which I will hopefully be racing on in the Borderline Events race series, this is a lot rougher than any trail centre black I have ever done, big rock drops, really rough rock sections and more rock, first run was a bit of a sighting lap to see what the run was like, it didn’t disappoint quite techie and rough, I did a few more runs and things were getting better but there was one section that kept playing on my mind and couldn’t get it quite right, so James stopped and showed me a few ideas on lines/what to try. The up lift at Antur is fantastic as soon as your down your loading up and on your way back up in minutes which was good so I could get my head around the one tough section I was struggling with.


Dad isn’t the fastest on his bike and even slower with his mobile phone, he tried to take a pic of me talking to him out of the van window only he wasn’t quick enough ( better luck next time sucker)

I think I had around 20 runs in all and the last one was the best even if I was really tired, everything fell into place and I had a nice clean quick run, by now my whole body was aching so dad said it was time to go.



Look Out 2017


New kit for the 2017 season Answer top, trousers and gloves and a real flashy O Neal helmet with magnetic strap closure so it should make it a bit easier for me to get on and off.


All Stop


Got some new secondhand brakes for the Stance Shimano Deore M615 same as on my Nukeproof and really like them, very similar to SLX & XT only no reach adjuster and no little knob to alter lever span, but not a problem came with pads so will give them a go see how they perform otherwise I will have to get the mechanic to fit some new pads and give them a bleed, but the feel OK as they are at the moment and were off night riding tomorrow so that will give them a good try.

Well we had our night ride last night, the weather had been a bit drier which I thought would make the going easier only it had turned the mud into a sticky mess, but good fun slipping and sliding about, the brakes worked spot so we will leave them alone for a while, thanks to Neil for the supplying the brakes with super quick shipping.


It always annoys me when I look at my smashed gear indicator window from when I came off in the Hafren.



Day at Coed Y Brenin yesterday with Dad, Lee and Sam, Lee was showing us some of his detours to link some of the best bits of the trail centre all together, there was a lot of climbing which I did really well, dad wasn’t feeling it and did some pushing up some of the worst hills but it was faster than actually biking up them !

We did a big climb to get to the top of MBR then went down Adam & Eve, Serpents Tail, Abel, False Teeth and then Uncle Fester, then we started to climb to Pink Heifer and took a detour through the forest and ended up at the top of the Adams Family which is a fantastic series of trails, then Pink Heifer again and back for a drink in the visitors centre and a quick play in the skills park.