Black In White


We went for a ride at llandegla on Saturday the weather at home was cold and damp, as we got closer to Degla there wasn’t any real signs of snow but as we went to turn into the entrance one of theĀ One Planet Adventure on of the fellas was stopping all the cars and telling them they couldn’t go up the car park because of the snow, snow what snow there was next to nothing so we parked in a lay by and rode up to the trails.


As we headed up the start of trails it was unbelievable from no snow to around 4″-5″ in under an hour, but as it was fresh snow there seemed to be loads of grip and loads of fun dad had fitted a Conti Der Kaiser on the front which really helped out on the grip on front, we decided to do the black run as usual in the open there was loads of snow but in the trees next to nothing, but on some of the tree covered trails you would get up a load of speed and then there would be an opening in the trees and you would hit a pile of snow on the trail.


One of the main problems while riding was any time you got a good pace up snow flakes would batter your eyes and you could hardly see where you are going making it quite interesting at times, we kept moving and stayed really warm and had real fun ride.


Very Cool Ride


Cracking ride with the boys today even though it as cold and hard work in the snow, nearly 900 mtr of climbing and over 30km in all, when we did get onto tarmac roads in the odd place it still didn’t make life easy as they were covered in ice, but by the end I was feeling quite tired and my hand were freezing.





Day at Revs with the Caersws DH Team on Friday, James, Malc, Ryan and Dean, weather was good tracks a little tacky/slick after over night rain, it was a bit of a chilled start with lots of talking in the car park I was kitted up and ready to go and we all finally got on the up lift for some fun.


Only me and James did the bottom jumps as the others didn’t want to push up the little hill, we did a few different tracks trying different lines and joining different tracks up to make it all a little new, by now James and dad were working on his suspension settings to try to improve the feel of the “Beast”


So the rest of us rode together, Dean and Ryan had an off so me and Malc did a few run together, after a run we were chatting by the cars I noticed Thanee Seagrave and Kaos down below us and also Adam Brayton going to see good ridding from this three.


We had a cracking day and will be back in two weeks for my birthday bash, can’t wait, mind I’ve got Henblas up lift in between so a couple of weeks good ridding.