Gravity Events Moelfre DH 2018


We set off for Moelfre DH race on the Friday and it was pouring down just what we didn’t want, when we arrived the track up to the parking field was really slippery the van was wheel spinning all the way up, we managed to find a good parking space and set up camp, as we watched other people trying to get onto the field they would spin to a stop and that’s where they stopped all weekend.


On Saturday as we got ready for Practise Mr Mason turned up I didn’t know he was coming so it was a nice surprise, so we headed up the hill for our first practise run down the track, it was a little greasy but running fast they had changed the track from last weeks up lift so we had plenty to learn.



I think by the end of the day I had done 10 runs and for a pleasant surprise the rain had kept away, so it was back to the van for dinner and get the bike checked over, it was a bit of a shame as the front wheel bearing had quite a lot of play in them, so dad put my spare wheel in ready for race day.

Race day dawned and it looked like it had rained quite a lot over night and it was really cold, I had 4 practise runs then a break before my first race run which was supposed to be at 12.15 but as usual there was a delay, I was first man down so it was time to go, the run went well without any major problems by the time the other 12 juveniles had come down I was in 4th position which I was well pleased with, now we had to wait for around 2 hours for my second run, I had something to eat and watched some of the others coming down, poor old Richard had a burp his tyre and had to ride it flat.


I was around 3-4 seconds behind 3rd place and I was hoping I could make up the time, it was time to go again but instead of being first man down now I was fourth to last, I had a real good run and managed to knock 5 seconds off my first time, I was still fourth but missed out by half a second, half a second I couldn’t believe it, a great result but I was gutted.



Time To Go


All packed and ready to go, in the picture the sun is shining but yet again we get ready to go racing this morning and the clouds come in and it’s pouring down ( make mom an dad happy setting up in the rain) I think the weather is supposed to get a bit better over the weekend, well fingers crossed for both my result and the weather.

Out With The Old & In With The New


Well my trusty old Stance has gone and a new toy has arrived, I’ve wanted a Nukeproof Scout for some time and now I’ve got one, a 2018 Nukeproof Scout Race a lot lighter than the Stance and seems to climb better as well.


I thing I had the Stance for 2 years and in that time it had been a really good bike all I had done to it was ne suspension bearings, new rear Mech, new cables and a chain, but I think in the short ride I have had on the Scout I wont be missing the Stance for to long.

The full spec of the Scot is,

Nukeproof Scout Race

Roll on the weekend for more playing on the Scout.



Moelfre Up Lift


First time to Moelfre today and for a change this year it was quite warm with blue skies, the up lift is run by MTB as we approached the car park area I thought the track was going to be a little on the muddy side as the track to where you parked was a bit of a mess, we parked up and signed on then wandered over to where the tractor was waiting to take us up to the top of the hill.


It took around 15 to 20 minutes to get to the top of the hill, the track at the top was a sort of open field the middle section was fast loose and steep. the bottom section was fast rolling and shaley the speed was emence, I think I had 9-10 runs it was quite nice that they didn’t stop for dinner so I could get in as much practise as I could,  I think I might of missed a couple of runs while I had a drink and a snack.



First Uplift Of he Year


Day at Caersws DH Park for the first uplift of the year, nice to get the beast rolling again and get some practise in for this years race season, bike performed well, new Conti Der Kaiser on the front.


The going was good the track was quite dry but the wind was absolutely freezing, I think I did around 10-12 runs and got some good practise in, I was riding mainly with Glyn and he showed me some good lines down the big drop in the root section which I felt a lot more confident about by the finish.

Big thank you to Lucie Burn Photography for the above photos.





The Race Van


Not coming along as quick as we would like with all the cold weather, but starting to look good now.

Started off with the folding bunk beds to try to save room when the beds are not in use and they have come together really well.


After that we started onto the seating storage behind the front seats, again made out of thin wall box section and ply and carpet covered with a little secret hatch facing the sliding side door, so we can get stuff in and out without lifting the cushioned seats up and down.




Next thing to do is the cooking and storage opposite the bunk beds, so more planning and thinking to try to get it right first time, but we are all really pleased so far.