Epic Bleed Solutions

We bought a Shimano Epic Solutions bleed kit to bleed my Shimano 615 brakes on my Nukeproof, the instructions are very simple and clear to follow and the kit did a great job.

2012 Shimano Bleed Instructions






All Stop


Got some new secondhand brakes for the Stance Shimano Deore M615 same as on my Nukeproof and really like them, very similar to SLX & XT only no reach adjuster and no little knob to alter lever span, but not a problem came with pads so will give them a go see how they perform otherwise I will have to get the mechanic to fit some new pads and give them a bleed, but the feel OK as they are at the moment and were off night riding tomorrow so that will give them a good try.

Well we had our night ride last night, the weather had been a bit drier which I thought would make the going easier only it had turned the mud into a sticky mess, but good fun slipping and sliding about, the brakes worked spot so we will leave them alone for a while, thanks to Neil for the supplying the brakes with super quick shipping.


It always annoys me when I look at my smashed gear indicator window from when I came off in the Hafren.



Day at Coed Y Brenin yesterday with Dad, Lee and Sam, Lee was showing us some of his detours to link some of the best bits of the trail centre all together, there was a lot of climbing which I did really well, dad wasn’t feeling it and did some pushing up some of the worst hills but it was faster than actually biking up them !

We did a big climb to get to the top of MBR then went down Adam & Eve, Serpents Tail, Abel, False Teeth and then Uncle Fester, then we started to climb to Pink Heifer and took a detour through the forest and ended up at the top of the Adams Family which is a fantastic series of trails, then Pink Heifer again and back for a drink in the visitors centre and a quick play in the skills park.


That Was A Damp One


Me and dad, Sam and his dad went for a 20k ride tonight it hadn’t been a bad day, but when we left at 6.30pm it started to rain and rained the whole way round our loop, but it was great and dirty fun if a little hard on some of the bridleways, really make the legs scream at times.

Just as we got back to a tarmac road a car came screaming up to us with Mr Trow a local farmer in it, shouting at us “what are you doing here” to which dad replied “riding our bikes along the bridle way” which was rather obvious as four people were sitting on mountain bikes ! Once he realised he knew us he calmed down and said when he saw our lights he thought we were sheep rustlers good job were not in the USA he might of shot us.

As soon as we got back it was clothes in the washing machine, us in the shower, we don’t know what happened to Sam as his face and all of his gear was plastered in mud, not that the rest of us was spotless.

What A Superstar


In the couple of years I’ve been mountain biking I have tried xc fun riding, xc racing and now I really into DH racing I love the thrill of the technical descents and of course the speed, but if your going fast you need to stop so my mechanic ( Dad ) has tried/fitted several different makes and compounds but our favourite so far are Superstar Components  we have tried organic, sintered and Kevlar, the Kevlar are the best in my opinion last real well with plenty of feel and bite.

When I got my Nukeproof Mega AM Pro we went to Henblas DH track to test it out, the bike was fantastic ( if a little heavy compared to my trail bike ) Dad thought I was riding really quickly, well I was because I couldn’t stop the brakes were useless we tried putting some mud on the rotors to see if it would help de glaze/de contaminate the pads and discs which helped a little but they still didn’t perform as good as they should, so we got a full set of Kevlar pads, new discs and gave the system a bleed, what a difference amazing brakes giving me a lot more confidence.

This what Superstar say about Superstar Kevlar Pads

I also use Superstar Nano Pedals, NW chainrings,  tubeless valves, tubeless rim tape, steering head bearings, mech hangers and also their tools all have been really good value and performed with out fault.


Poor End To A Fantastic day


When we came back from our ride at Nant Yr Arian dad went to load his bike on top of the car to find some scum bag ( his words were very similar to that ) had stolen the front wheel clamp off his Thule 591 bike rack and also the end cap that is supposed to stop it coming off, luckily we had zip ties in the car and could fix the front wheel to stop it flopping around.

To add insult to injury when he looked around the net for a replacement it came to a grand total of £25, so he thought he would message Thule about what had happened and kindly a fella called Patrick said he would send us another as a gesture of good will hope it comes before the weekend as we are off riding again.

Hopefully to stop this happening again dad has glued and pinned the end stops so the wheel clamp can’t just be pulled off.