Coaching With Mr Red Bull Hardline !!


Day out at One Giant Leap Llangollen with Al Bond getting Dan used to the tracks, this track will be one of the tracks in the Borderline Event series so he will have a little bit of an idea what he has to look forward to.

They worked on drops and jumps which all seemed to go well and Al was very pleased with Dan’s progress, we only saw them as they came down into the finishing field where there is three large jumps which Dan did no problem.



Couple Of Days At Coed Y Brenin


We spent a couple of day over the summer up at Coed Y Brenin MTB Centre one of the oldest centres in the UK, the weather was very good, sunny and warm which was excellent as it was also our first time out in our new tent, we rode the Black MBR track several times, the red Cyflym Coch a couple of time and the Blue Minatour once, all very good trails with some excellent views if you had time to stop and look at them.


Coed Y Brenin MTB Centre if you click on the link it will give you a full list of tracks and the different grades so you can make your own mind up which trail is for you.

At Coed Y Brenin not only is there fantastic place to ride MTB tracks there are fantastic walking/running tracks a lovely visitors centre and Bike Shop where you can hire a bike to have a ride around and see if mountain biking is for you.


First Race Day


Dan Cartwright enjoyed his very first downhill race at “Conquer The Cliff” at Aberystwyth. He even managed 2nd in Rippers category which was great for his first race and he got a lovely trophy. He was the very first rider to start of the whole event and the first run was a dry run and he was just 5 seconds behind the first place rider but as there were thunderstorms rain and lightening just before his second run he didn’t manage to improve on his time. The first place rider in his category fell off hard on his second run so didn’t complete the lap. A lot of riders took part in the event and Caersws had a good representation on the day with 3 x 2nd place in categories and one 4th place, not bad for a small village in Wales (boys pictured above).  Dan saw his hero Rachel Atherton who was also riding  but was a bit quicker than him on the day ! An enjoyable event to start his downhill racing career off and a great first result.