Revo sealant


We have been using Stans Fluid for some time with a sprinkle of glitter in it with good results, but we have got some Revo Sealant off Conti to try, so we are going to try it in the Kaisers on the Nukeproof and see how it goes, think we will still use the glitter idea just in case we get a bigger hole in a tyre at some time.

We have put in 120mm of fluid per tyre, the tubes that came out weighed 302 grams so we should save a bit of weight as well, which will be good as rolling resistance is one of the major places you notice more or less weight, fingers crossed.


Wet, Muddy & Loads Of Fun


Great day up Henblas with Rhys, Brad and Jack it was super wet and slippery but my new Conti Der Kaisers performed spot on, we sessioned  loads of bits of the track and I was really pleased my jumping on the Nukeproof was getting better managed to clear the table top, can’t wait to start doing my races ( hope I do well )


After Revolution on Friday, Saturday was a chilled ride around Llandegla with some of dads mates, Shuker had got a new Cube he wanted to try so it sounded the perfect chilled ride, when we go there the wind to the top of the trails was amazing, you had to pedal hard to go downhill but once in the trees it was a lot better and if you had the wind on your back it was like a turbo was strapped to the bike, we rode the black route as usual and Panda showed us a different track which worked out fantastic track for a change.

All Reved Up


Went to Revolution Bike Park on Friday for the first time with James Corbett and it was awesome, to start of with while signing on you turn around and standing there is 2 times world champion Danny Hart, go into the car park and it’s like the British Championships, Joe Smith, Matt Simmonds, Elliot Heap and Emyr Davis milling around.



The first track we rode was the Black ghetto and I think of all the ones we rode it was my favourite, loads of people said how good the freeride track was but it was ok but nothing special really, I also did Main Line which in places were quite sketchy  and the red route.


Every thing went really well and I think I was riding ok until I made one slight miss calculation just before the end there is a gap double jump as I came down to it I saw Danny Hart standing by his truck and thought watch this Danny the only problem really was I wasn’t going fast enough and came up short by around 6″ to 12″ and cased big time, hit my privates on the crossbar and banged my mouth into the bars, Danny said he was amazed I stayed on so tender bits and blooded mouth it was time for a short break.


Danny Harts Monster Truck.



We had a chat with all the star riders and they gave me a lot of advise which mainly came down to speed is your friend, hit things with more speed but after I had got a bit bashed up I thought perhaps another day, but I do wish I had given it another try, some of the jumps did give you a heavy landing well it certainly did squash James tyre !!


Day At Degla


Day at Llandegla with Dad weather was a little cool and moist on the climb to the trails, but once in the woods it was good and quite warm on the move and no rain, when we’ve been with friends there is usually a lot of chatting,hanging about and takes us around 3 – 3 1/2 hours to do the black route but as we were on our own we pushed on and did it in 1  hour 27  minutes a real nice spin round.

When we got home talking to other people about their rides they were all saying how it was a horrible day and they had got soaked to the skin, so for a change we had made the right decision on where to go for a ride, that doesn’t happen to often.

I’m All Tyred Up !!


well the start of the season isn’t very far away and I’m feeling quite excited, just had all new rubber, set of Conti Der Kaiser’s and a pair of Conti Mud kings, Thanks Continental.

Also very excited be giving the tyres a good hammering at Revolution Bike Park a week on Friday, never been there before but one of my races is there so go and have a look to see what it’s like, so I have been told they use main line for the races, so I will be going down that track quite a few times, my friend James is coming to show me around and some good lines to try, can’t wait.



Just Playing


Rubbish pictures sorry Dads mobile wasn’t performing to it’s best, over the last few weeks just been out and about locally Nant y Arain and Coed y Brenin weather has been quite good cool with some snow and ice but nothing to worry about, had a great time at CyB last weekend we were up there for the weekend, where I learnt a good lesson my back brake packed in and I was not best pleased, went off the track in one place and thought this isn’t going to work but after around two trails I thought stuff it and lets give it a go the difference in my riding was amazing ( if a little scary at times ) I was flying down the trails and it came to me I think I do brake far more than I really need to, when we got home my mechanic changed the brake fluid and fitted new pads so I have a good brake again, all I need to get into my head now is only use my brakes when I have to.