Conquer The Cliff 2017


Well that’s Conquer The Cliff done again, it started off a little stress full the gravel on the tracks was like riding on ball bearings, my brand new Mountain Kings seemed to have no grip at all and then to make it even worse as I was coming off the tram at the top of the hill my front tyre hit something on the steeps and blew a hole straight through the side wall, sealant went everywhere and I had to push the bike all the way back down the hill, dad got the remaining fluid out popped a tube in and off I went back to the top, I managed another two practise runs and then it was race time.

When I arrived at the top for my race run you could see the rain rolling up cardigan bay, oh no last year when it rained a few of the corners became skating rings, I think I was lucky as I got to the bottom without any problems the rain got heavier but didn’t affect my run and I was 10 seconds faster than last year, I had another hour and a half to wait until my next run so time for a chat and a chill, by the time my next run came the track had dried out but still had a little moisture which seemed to help with grip and knocked another second and half off my time which left me in seventh in my class, not to bad with the class of rider that was in it.



Two Weekends Of Fun


Well two weekends of fun and racing, at Antur this weekend on the beast my first Borderline Events race so I hope all goes well, been there a couple of times with James and Richard so I will hopefully know where I’m going and have a lot of fun.

The weekend after it’s Conquer The Cliff at Aberystwyth I’m going to ride my Stance there as it’s not a full on downhill course, so this week dad has fitted New tyres ( thanks Continental) new chain, new stainless steel suspension bearings and given it a good going over, mind I think it needed it and to be fair it feels like new bike now.


Not sure how long chains should last, but I’m really light and the chain has been on around a year and it was quite shocking that it had stretched half a link in that time, so new KMC X9 .93 chain was put on.


All the bearings have been replaced with new stainless ones and some white marine grease to  keep the water out, well fingers crossed.


My new tyres are Continental Mountain King II’s not ridden on them yet but been very impressed with everything I have tried of Conti so far so these shouldn’t disappoint, they do come up slightly narrower for a 2.2 than the old Trail Kings but hopefully roll faster ( well faster than everyone else in the race )

Lets Roll Faster

prod29790_Black_NE_01Got a pair of these coming for my Nukeproof so I can go trail riding on it and get more used to the bike before the start of the DH races, they will roll a lot quicker than my DH tyres as when I first got the Nukeproof I rode it at Nant Y Arian and on the ups it was really hard work on Schwalbe Magic Mary’s, the other plan for these tyres is Aberystwyth and Conquer The Cliff Race, when I did it last year on my Stance there wasn’t any need for a full on DH tyre so they will come in handy then as well, when I did it on my Stance I used the Trail Kings which worked fantastic, the Rubber Queen is the fore runner to the Trail King so should be spot on.

So more thanks to Continental for making such fantastic tyres, hope I can get a fantastic result as well.

Snow & Ice


What a shock this morning, they said it might rain but when I looked out of the curtains it had snowed, I love snow so I was super excited, as we drove over to Nant the snow started to thin a little which was a shame, but the tracks had a layer of snow and a bit of ice here and there but still seemed to have good grip, the worst place for ice was on the way to the Mark of Zorro but once we got there the track was clear all the way down and at the bottom it seemed like we had come out in a completely  different place the sun was shining and it was quite warm, as we headed back up the leg burner we rode back into the snow/ice I could really feel a hot choc and beans on toast calling so we did the rest of the tracks back to the visitors centre.

Poor End To A Fantastic day


When we came back from our ride at Nant Yr Arian dad went to load his bike on top of the car to find some scum bag ( his words were very similar to that ) had stolen the front wheel clamp off his Thule 591 bike rack and also the end cap that is supposed to stop it coming off, luckily we had zip ties in the car and could fix the front wheel to stop it flopping around.

To add insult to injury when he looked around the net for a replacement it came to a grand total of £25, so he thought he would message Thule about what had happened and kindly a fella called Patrick said he would send us another as a gesture of good will hope it comes before the weekend as we are off riding again.

Hopefully to stop this happening again dad has glued and pinned the end stops so the wheel clamp can’t just be pulled off.



The Reaper

Did the Nant Yr Arian Reaper again today, this time instead of being shown it I was showing  Lee and Sam, showing them where the nasty bits are and a bit of advise on how to ride them, to be fair I don’t think Sam enjoyed it very much, but Lee said it had some really good bits in between the horrible bits, mind Lee did have one horrible part where he did a drop and got his weight behind the saddle but landed nose heavy and caught his privates on the back of the saddle, sort of entertaining for me and Sam but I could feel his pain.

One problem was I forgot to take any pictures, must remember to take the Go Pro next time.

You Tube Video Of The Reaper Next time I do the reaper I will post my own video up, when the watch the video it does make it look a lot flatter and not a steep as it really is.

Get The Grip


As I’m really keen to race DH I have a lot to learn ( well dad does ) when I got my DH hill bike it came with Maxxis Magic Marys which in the dry conditions have been good but now that winter is here they tend to slide around a little, so we got some Conti Mud Kings to give a go, their advertising says ” feel the grip “you really can it makes you ride far more confidently the big lugs dig through the mud looking some surface to grip to, to early to say how they wear, I have done two up lifts on them swapping backwards and forwards from the Mud kings and the Mary’s to see the difference in grip and in the wet conditions the Mud Kings win hands down.

What Conti Say