Pearce Cycles Brindgewood DH Went Down A Storm


Well what a weekend Pearce Cycle DH race at Brindgewood Nr Ludlow, we left home around 4pm on Friday in the rain, got to the amazing well organised camping area around 5pm and it was still raining so coats on and get on with it, gazebo up and all the stuff out of the van sorted and time for dinner by now James had also turned up so we got both vans sorted out and the pits were sorted ( according to the Met Office the rain was going to stop at 7pm) I wanted to have a track walk before we settled in for the night but the rain wasn’t going to stop so I thought I would wait for the morning.


Saturday morning arrived and it was looking rather soggy out there and still it was raining on and off, sign on started at 8 am so me and dad walked up to get signed on and got my number board, I thought I wouldn’t rush to get on the up lift as it would be super slimy, James and me head up the hill around 10.30 to see what the track was like, well it was very slimy and super sticky mud after around 5 runs I think my bike weighed twice as much as it should, dad put a Conti Mud King on the front and a Der Kaiser on the back but grip wasn’t brilliant, so I thought I would try a Mud King in the rear as well, the grip was a lot better but the rolling resistance slowed the runs too much, so I put the Kaiser back in around 3pm I had enough so dad washed and prepped the bike for the race tomorrow.


Saturday evening turned out cracking so we all had a BBQ and chilled in the sun, the forecast was awful but I thought they might have had it wrong how nice it was, oh no they hadn’t in the idle of the night the thunder started and the rain was biblical, when we got up the stuff in the gazebos were soaking, the up lift started at 8am so we had to get a move on I only wanted to do two runs just to see what all this rain had done to the track, to my surprise there was quite a bit more grip than yesterday so back to the van so dad couldĀ  prep the bike for my first race run at 11.01am.


My race run didn’t start of to well as I couldn’t clip in, I got clipped in and I was off the run went well and I was well pleased but I came un clipped again but my foot went straight back in and I pedaled for the line my time was 2.11 which wasn’t to bad, I came 18th out of 27, by now the thunder and lightning had come back and the race organisers said they would have to cancel the race all together, the rain that came just before we started home was torrentialĀ  the field had a mini tidal wave start running down it so bike in the van and it was time to get the hell out of here.