Pearce Cycles Brindgewood DH Went Down A Storm


Well what a weekend Pearce Cycle DH race at Brindgewood Nr Ludlow, we left home around 4pm on Friday in the rain, got to the amazing well organised camping area around 5pm and it was still raining so coats on and get on with it, gazebo up and all the stuff out of the van sorted and time for dinner by now James had also turned up so we got both vans sorted out and the pits were sorted ( according to the Met Office the rain was going to stop at 7pm) I wanted to have a track walk before we settled in for the night but the rain wasn’t going to stop so I thought I would wait for the morning.


Saturday morning arrived and it was looking rather soggy out there and still it was raining on and off, sign on started at 8 am so me and dad walked up to get signed on and got my number board, I thought I wouldn’t rush to get on the up lift as it would be super slimy, James and me head up the hill around 10.30 to see what the track was like, well it was very slimy and super sticky mud after around 5 runs I think my bike weighed twice as much as it should, dad put a Conti Mud King on the front and a Der Kaiser on the back but grip wasn’t brilliant, so I thought I would try a Mud King in the rear as well, the grip was a lot better but the rolling resistance slowed the runs too much, so I put the Kaiser back in around 3pm I had enough so dad washed and prepped the bike for the race tomorrow.


Saturday evening turned out cracking so we all had a BBQ and chilled in the sun, the forecast was awful but I thought they might have had it wrong how nice it was, oh no they hadn’t in the idle of the night the thunder started and the rain was biblical, when we got up the stuff in the gazebos were soaking, the up lift started at 8am so we had to get a move on I only wanted to do two runs just to see what all this rain had done to the track, to my surprise there was quite a bit more grip than yesterday so back to the van so dad could  prep the bike for my first race run at 11.01am.


My race run didn’t start of to well as I couldn’t clip in, I got clipped in and I was off the run went well and I was well pleased but I came un clipped again but my foot went straight back in and I pedaled for the line my time was 2.11 which wasn’t to bad, I came 18th out of 27, by now the thunder and lightning had come back and the race organisers said they would have to cancel the race all together, the rain that came just before we started home was torrential  the field had a mini tidal wave start running down it so bike in the van and it was time to get the hell out of here.







Last Round Of The season


Well what a weekend Saturday started a little wet with a very slick track, I started on Conti Kaisers but had to swap to a Conti Mud King on the front as I had very little grip but the forecast was to get better and drier as the weekend went on, practise went well with only one off so all was good, the night was nice and dry and Sunday dawned dry with a good breeze so the track had dried really well so it was back on with the Kaiser on the front for the morning practise, grip level was spot on so I did four practise runs and chilled while I waited for the race runs, my first run was at 12.30.30 and I was second man down, but as we got ready to go the first rider hadn’t turned up at the top.


The first run down went well with only one near miss when I clipped a root just before the big drop, the whole run went well even the slippy off camber grass into the finish line field and after the rest of the juveniles came down I was sitting in 11th, so time to chill and watch the master coach come down James was hoping for a good result.


As James came into view he was flying pedalling like a fool as he crossed the line he was huffing and puffing and all the effort had paid off he had done fantastic he was laying in third place, we had a talk and then it was time for me to go back up the hill for my last run.


As I set off it all seemed to be going well I pedaled the flat section and all the way to the finish line and was gutted I was 1 second slower, I was disappointed but I had done everything I could so couldn’t do any more, time to chill and watch the rest of the boys come down fair play to James he bettered his time by 2 seconds but still left him in 3rd only half a second of second place so close.

Well I had a fantastic weekend racing big thanks to Caersws DH Racing & Gravity events for all the help and work putting on the event.



One Day Dry, Next Rather Wet


A fantastic weekend at Borderline Events race at Revolution Bike park, Saturday dawned dry and rather cool, we got there early to have a track walk, the race was on the poop pipe track with a few alterations thrown in, we signed on and the up lift started around 9.30am James was having a lay in by the looks of it so I went up on my own, the track was mainly dry and surprisingly slippy, I think I had done around 4 runs and James turned up so we went up on the next uplift together, I had a few slides and little incidents but nothing dramatic and as the day went on I go better and better and was quite pleased with how it was going.


As the day went on people kept talking about the rain that was coming tomorrow, but looking at the weather you would have thought it’s never going to rain tomorrow but it is Wales so we will see, I was really hoping it wouldn’t rain as it has rained on all the race days so far this year.


On the road for 7am on Sunday morning and yes it’s raining, as we got closer towards Revs it looked a little dryer but when we arrived at Revs it was raining quite hard and the forecast was for rain all day, we parked up by the team marque and un loaded the bike and got in the dry, the big talking point was tyres everyone thought that the Conti Der Kaisers would be a waste of time so it was down to dad to swap the tyres over to Conti Mud Kings front and rear, this would be a new one on me as I haven’t ridden on a spike front and rear and I did wonder what they would be like on the hard pack down the bottom of the track.


So off we all went to see what the track was going to be like and to be fair it was amazing how much grip there was as the whole track was soaking which was a big relief as I thought it would be horrible, after the first run the bike and me was covered it mud I did three good runs and thought that I would just do four runs and then wait for the race runs, I should have stopped at three as a few people in different areas came off in front of me on the step stuff which in turn made me come off but me and the bike were fine so back into the dry and wait for the start time.


My first race run was 12.30 and yet again I was the first person down, there was a bit of a surprise I actually left the start early that was a first, the rain was even heavier which was a good thing and the run went quite well with no major problems, after the first race runs it put me in 11th place, now for the worst bit a two hour of hanging about for the second run, so I watched all the others come down and the rain had slowed down to more like drizzle, so it was time to get the bike on the trailer and back up to the top, by now I was freezing, as I headed down on my run the mud had thickened and got  lot slicker as I came into a berm the front let go and I went straight off the course and down a bank, I tried to get back on track straight away but it was really hard to get my bike back up to the track and by the time I had several riders had come past so I thought I would wait for a gap and get going again making sure I wouldn’t be in any ones way, to be fair it was a disaster of a run but I was down in one piece, if a little disappointed, I came 12th and 4th in Welsh Champs.

Get The Grip


As I’m really keen to race DH I have a lot to learn ( well dad does ) when I got my DH hill bike it came with Maxxis Magic Marys which in the dry conditions have been good but now that winter is here they tend to slide around a little, so we got some Conti Mud Kings to give a go, their advertising says ” feel the grip “you really can it makes you ride far more confidently the big lugs dig through the mud looking some surface to grip to, to early to say how they wear, I have done two up lifts on them swapping backwards and forwards from the Mud kings and the Mary’s to see the difference in grip and in the wet conditions the Mud Kings win hands down.

What Conti Say