Yeah 14!


Fantastic birthday at Revs loads of people cameĀ  from far and wide ( Thanks to you all )

Day started with Spoons breakfast Richard came to join us as well we were all fuelled up and ready to go, when we arrived at Revs Perry, the Upson’s and Hills were already there and soon after Dean, Glyn, Henk, Willoughby’s and Charlie Holt turned up.


We all got on the uplift and went up to the top for a warm up and get in the flow everyone seemed to be getting on and down the tracks really well, I think I did two runs and dad and Richard went off for a bit of a trail ride and we kept banging the runs out on Far Side, Ginger Bob Cat, Ghetto, Downhill Red and Free Ride and I also had a bit of a play on 50 01.


With all the riding we were getting hungry so it was time for the Revs famous burgers and a shed load of food Mom had brought for everyone with the amazing large chocolate fudge cake, the afternoon seemed like riding and snacking we had shed loads of runs before it was getting to dark to see in the woods.


After we had finished at Revs it was time to head back and back to Spoons for dinner what a day, the weather , friends and riding was amazing, roll on next year.



Pearce Cycles Up Lift Hopton


Cracking day at Pearce Cycles up lift at Hopton Woods, weather was dry and warm and the track was running sweet, dad had been playing with the suspension trying to get it spot on for me ready for the up and coming Rheola race next weekend and all seemed good.


Dad had put a new Conti Der Kaiser on the rear to make sure it was fully seated and ready to go for the weekend so fingers crossed we are all sorted and get a good result at Rheola.