All Reved Again


Went for an uplift day at Revs again today with the man who is James Corbett and Ash Stockton, lovely weather, warm sunshine, no wind and bone dry, the tracks were running fast with plenty of grip.


I had a couple of things I really wanted to get dialled so it was time to give them a try, first was the gap jump at the bottom which leads on to a step up jump, James had been telling me I could do it no problem but it was playing on my mind a little, all I needed was speed around the berm to get me over it.



Keep the speed up was on my mind all the way down the run and yes I did it and without even thinking did the step up jump straight after it and guess what all the James told me was right it was quite easy and I did it every run afterwards, so I was buzzing now and we did loads of runs and also did loads of different tracks it was a fantastic Saturday with a Henblas uplift on the Sunday to look forward to as well.


First Race Day


Dan Cartwright enjoyed his very first downhill race at “Conquer The Cliff” at Aberystwyth. He even managed 2nd in Rippers category which was great for his first race and he got a lovely trophy. He was the very first rider to start of the whole event and the first run was a dry run and he was just 5 seconds behind the first place rider but as there were thunderstorms rain and lightening just before his second run he didn’t manage to improve on his time. The first place rider in his category fell off hard on his second run so didn’t complete the lap. A lot of riders took part in the event and Caersws had a good representation on the day with 3 x 2nd place in categories and one 4th place, not bad for a small village in Wales (boys pictured above).  Dan saw his hero Rachel Atherton who was also riding  but was a bit quicker than him on the day ! An enjoyable event to start his downhill racing career off and a great first result.



First Uplift Of he Year


Day at Caersws DH Park for the first uplift of the year, nice to get the beast rolling again and get some practise in for this years race season, bike performed well, new Conti Der Kaiser on the front.


The going was good the track was quite dry but the wind was absolutely freezing, I think I did around 10-12 runs and got some good practise in, I was riding mainly with Glyn and he showed me some good lines down the big drop in the root section which I felt a lot more confident about by the finish.

Big thank you to Lucie Burn Photography for the above photos.





The Race Van


Not coming along as quick as we would like with all the cold weather, but starting to look good now.

Started off with the folding bunk beds to try to save room when the beds are not in use and they have come together really well.


After that we started onto the seating storage behind the front seats, again made out of thin wall box section and ply and carpet covered with a little secret hatch facing the sliding side door, so we can get stuff in and out without lifting the cushioned seats up and down.




Next thing to do is the cooking and storage opposite the bunk beds, so more planning and thinking to try to get it right first time, but we are all really pleased so far.


A Sunny Day On The Bike


Fantastic day at Hopton today with Dad, I still have my cold that keeps going and then coming back but the sun was out so that wasn’t going to stop me, on the way there the temp was 0 degrees C but you couldn’t see any frost, by the time we got there it had risen to 2 degrees C the ground was rock hard so the tracks should ride nice and fast if a little slippy, all the trails in the shade were frozen but dry with very little ice anywhere.


After using my new 7 IDP helmet from Chainreaction Cycles for over a month or more it is really good value for money, not to hot, mind the weather hasn’t been that hot either and a very good fit well pleased for the money.

As we rode round it seemed quite hard work with my cold but good fun on the downs, the temp had warmed up to 4 degrees by now and in place the ground had started to melt and get quite slippery, the picture above shows the bikes really clean we were over three quarters round and then we came onto open and thawed ground, what a difference really sticky mud on top of a frozen layer, then things got dirty.


Black In White


We went for a ride at llandegla on Saturday the weather at home was cold and damp, as we got closer to Degla there wasn’t any real signs of snow but as we went to turn into the entrance one of the One Planet Adventure on of the fellas was stopping all the cars and telling them they couldn’t go up the car park because of the snow, snow what snow there was next to nothing so we parked in a lay by and rode up to the trails.


As we headed up the start of trails it was unbelievable from no snow to around 4″-5″ in under an hour, but as it was fresh snow there seemed to be loads of grip and loads of fun dad had fitted a Conti Der Kaiser on the front which really helped out on the grip on front, we decided to do the black run as usual in the open there was loads of snow but in the trees next to nothing, but on some of the tree covered trails you would get up a load of speed and then there would be an opening in the trees and you would hit a pile of snow on the trail.


One of the main problems while riding was any time you got a good pace up snow flakes would batter your eyes and you could hardly see where you are going making it quite interesting at times, we kept moving and stayed really warm and had real fun ride.

New Helmet For The Trail Bike


New 7 IDP from Chain Reaction as my Fox has seen better days, first impressions look good, nice fit, good finish, mind only when I get out on the trail will I be able to tell what the ventilation is like and if my head stays dry from sweat, can’t wait until the weekend and give it a good ride and take away that brand new look with some mud.

Very Cool Ride


Cracking ride with the boys today even though it as cold and hard work in the snow, nearly 900 mtr of climbing and over 30km in all, when we did get onto tarmac roads in the odd place it still didn’t make life easy as they were covered in ice, but by the end I was feeling quite tired and my hand were freezing.





Day at Revs with the Caersws DH Team on Friday, James, Malc, Ryan and Dean, weather was good tracks a little tacky/slick after over night rain, it was a bit of a chilled start with lots of talking in the car park I was kitted up and ready to go and we all finally got on the up lift for some fun.


Only me and James did the bottom jumps as the others didn’t want to push up the little hill, we did a few different tracks trying different lines and joining different tracks up to make it all a little new, by now James and dad were working on his suspension settings to try to improve the feel of the “Beast”


So the rest of us rode together, Dean and Ryan had an off so me and Malc did a few run together, after a run we were chatting by the cars I noticed Thanee Seagrave and Kaos down below us and also Adam Brayton going to see good ridding from this three.


We had a cracking day and will be back in two weeks for my birthday bash, can’t wait, mind I’ve got Henblas up lift in between so a couple of weeks good ridding.